Self-Ordering Kiosk is not just for fast food chains!!!

3Z eSolutions do not restrict its circle to limitations. Being a kiosk manufacturer our
planning and design structure has always met the requirements of a variety of Food
and Beverage industries. This is because a restaurant that is apart from fast food
chain can benefit through self-ordering kiosk.


Flexible Self-Ordering Kiosk:
There is nothing specific that a kiosk needs to be specific about fast food combos and
pictures. Rather it is now come up with advancements that are flexible enough to
handle. This is an end result of an initiative that involved kiosk manufacturers
interacting with the restaurant owners trying to understand their pain points.
The ultimate cause to design the kiosk system is to equal the purpose of human
servers. Now you will not find it difficult to place orders of your hard pronouncing
French dishes.

Multi-tasking Kiosks:
Now the kiosk that is placed at restaurants is not going to serve one single purpose,
instead, it places orders, organizes and systematizes the entire process. Moreover, a
self-ordering kiosk restaurant is completely handled by the self-ordering kiosk
system. To be more clear the only intermediatory between the customer and the
chef is the kiosk system.


Self-Ordering Kiosks are Excellent:
A modernized restaurant infrastructure adds up more value and instantly grabs
customer’s attention. If you were planning for an automated restaurant that needs
to place orders and deliver them to customers without humans, then kiosk would be
the better choice.

Experience, as well as good food, make customers more satisfied. If you are able to provide them the experience that they find elsewhere then you are already grabbing
their attention.

Cost-Effective Machines:
If you have already renovated your restaurant with the self-ordering kiosk, the only
thing that you need to do further is maintaining the system. I know that your
greatest fear resides on maintaining your system. Now that is never going to be the
way you fear. Self-Ordering kiosks at 3Z eSolutions are not only appealing but they
are cost-effective either. This helps you maintain your kiosks perfectly and stand
ahead of the crowd in Food and Beverage industries that use other kiosks.

The misinterpretation of using a kiosk just for the sake of fast food chain is
completely ruined in this post. Hope you have a clear knowledge of how a self-
ordering kiosk works. This implies you have the edge over your rivals in the event
that you start utilizing this framework for your style of feasting first; this may simply
be your opportunity to set another pattern in your industry!

Self-Ordering Kiosk is not just for fast food chains!!!

How to run an efficient Food & Beverage Business using restaurant iPad Ordering system

iPad POS Ordering systems are more famous and hold a lot of benefits no matter whether they are mounted or placed on tables or even carried around. Though you may not have enough cash to establish a traditional system you can opt for an iPad POS system. You could approach a Restaurant POS System service provider in Singapore to own the best system for your restaurant. As iPad ordering systems are slim and do not require a lot of space you could use them even in small and tight spaces.

Hands holding tablet with recipe website template isolated

Inherent And Ease Of Use:

iPad POS system is inherent and easy to use. At recent times, people are used to touchscreen devices and that is why implementing an iPad ordering system could grab users attention. Moreover, this reduces the training time for your employees. As it is going to be a short learning curve you will not require a lot of time to train your employees.

Numerous iPad POS frameworks incorporate a considerable measure of the highlights more customary frameworks have, running from check-in/out, split checks and obviously, ringing deals. You won’t pass up a major opportunity for any of the key highlights on the off chance that you decide on this savvy, more affordable arrangement.

Improved Customer Service:

Apart from hardware benefits, there are a lot more to know about using an restaurant iPad POS system. An iPad framework lessens the measure of holding up time at an eatery and enhances your main concern by expanding table throughput.


An iPad POS enables servers to take orders table-side, diminishing the time spent recording orders and exchanging them to the POS or running the written by hand arranges back to the kitchen. Rather, sending orders straightforwardly to the kitchen reduces slip-ups made either from wrong requests contribution to the POS terminal or from perplexity because of untidy penmanship.

So why not use this amazing system for your restaurant. Now develop your Food and Beverage Business to improve your visitor count. Make your customers satisfied with the type of service that you provide.

How to run an efficient Food & Beverage Business using restaurant iPad Ordering system

Ensured Success with Restaurant iPad Ordering System in just 3 Steps.

These days machines are getting more advanced and they occupy the best place in the industries. No matter what the industry is related to, machines are still getting better. You could find the advancements in Hotels, airports, and even parking garages. You could deliberately find its role in all such industries. Why not use this wonderful opportunity? Now adopt a wonderful trend that serves you better in your Food and beverage business. Let me explain you with three good reasons to opt restaurant iPad ordering system for your business.


#1 Reduce Lines:

During peak hours you could find your lines get congested due to the orders that flow. The case becomes worse when you lack resource. This is where the self-serve kiosk or the Restaurant iPad ordering system plays the vital role. You allow your visitors to directly operate on the iPad to place their orders which indeed saves time and manpower. Your visitors need not wait for their orders, rather they could place orders instantly and get them on their tables just the way.

#2 Cut Aloft Expenses:

Every restaurant finds an effective way to improve their efficiency. Adopting an iPad ordering system not only saves time but probably reduces the labor cost and frees up staff to be more productive in other areas either.

Added, you could now be free of verifying on customer’s orders. As when orders are placed through waiters, there are chances of misplacing orders that your guests would be dissatisfied. And that is why it is recommended to opt for self-ordering iPad systems. This could barely reduce all your expenses.

#3 Increase Customer Satisfaction:

It is obvious that people are so much interested towards latest technologies. When you are able to give them the right service they would definitely return to you. Adding on to it, the trends that you engage with your food and beverage industry could grab your customers attention. This helps them understand that your services are up-to-date with changing customer needs. This indeed improves your reputation among your customers.

Hands holding tablet with recipe website template isolated

This is the greatest benefit of using the iPad ordering system for your restaurant. Hope the above-mentioned strategies would help you better understand the advantages of using the self-ordering system. Get a drift to your Food and Beverage Industry that brings better results. If you are looking out for a better service provider who could help you with your business then I would suggest you, go with 3Z eSolutions. The leading services provider in food and beverage industries. The best place to avail services at.

Ensured Success with Restaurant iPad Ordering System in just 3 Steps.

Top #3 Proven Strategies for Restaurant iPad Ordering System

These days people try to find the fastest means in anything they afford. No matter what they are, people wanted services to be instant enough. And that is why even restaurants are trying to make their customers more comfortable than before. As people always try to find someplace, where there is a good service and they try to keep away from places where they are not comfortable.

So here is a post on the top #3 proven strategies for restaurants on ordering system. The ordering system at restaurants has taken a new perspective these days. Restaurants have started to connect customers directly to the kitchen and place orders that are delivered instantly. Let us have a look on the proven strategies of using a restaurant iPad ordering system.


#1 Guest Control Over System:

When you are presenting your customers a tabletop ordering device on their arrival, that creates more flexibility. Customers need not wait anymore for their orders to be placed. Actually, this initiates as the positive note. The system can accommodate any special request and even flag ingredients on food allergy.
There is also an option of paying their bills through these iPad ordering systems. The main motive of using an iPad ordering system

is avoiding the need for waiters and allow people to step into restaurants, and get their food served on placing orders of their favorite dish.

#2 Collect Better Data:

The second biggest advantage of having a restaurant iPad ordering system is you could collect a huge and a better data. The information you gather is the biggest wealth when it comes to business. The data is all about what your customers order, time of ordering and how they make payments.

You could make use of this information to create new business techniques and strategies and even build customer database that could help you on your future needs.

#3 Increase Revenue:

Did you know? The more you provide flexibility to your customers the more they visit your restaurant. This not only makes your customers return back but a word-of-mouth recommendation can bring much more customers. Thus, the trust on your restaurant services increases which eventually improve your revenue.

Not only through your customers, you may also save money on certain things like the printing costs for a paper menu, Carbon footprint and so on. Further, there is an option to change or update on anything that your restaurant offers.

The above-mentioned strategies are proven to be genuine ones. You could also benefit out of using iPad ordering system in your restaurants. But make sure that you try to avail the services from a genuine service provider.


3Z eSolutions is the leading service provider on iPad ordering system, Kiosks, and other restaurant based devices. You could avail one and find instant results in your Food and Beverage Businesses.

Top #3 Proven Strategies for Restaurant iPad Ordering System

iPad Restaurant POS System – Top #3 Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever operated your smart devices at the very first touch? No, none of us are experts at handling things at the very first touch. Now that is not the biggest deal. We are learners at the first and still learners as things get updated day by day. The same is applied to restaurant POS system.

We are ready to help you with handling the restaurant POS system without flaws.


Hands holding tablet with recipe website template isolated

#1 Purchasing the Cheapest POS System for Restaurant:

Let me come out with the very common problem that engages the restaurants. You need to be ahead in order to override the competition. Purchasing the POS system due to an upfront cost could barely cost you a lot in the long run.

For an example, what would you choose? Either you choose people solely on low salary demands or would you hire people who are capable of improving your business? It is obvious that you go with the latter one. The same is carried out when it comes to restaurant POS system.

A genuine POS system can be customized according to restaurant needs and even has the ability to adapt and upgrade in future. Who would wish to purchase upgraded POS systems periodically, when there is a POS system that could help your restaurant grow alongside.

The same logic is carried out by selecting the right POS provider. Only a genuine POS service provider works with you and for you. Instead of choosing the right POS system take time to find the right POS service provider. This could help your business grow both technically and financially.

#2 Non-Satisfactory Training Staff:

Presently, I need to concede, I’m a self-educated PC fellow. Also, for a considerable length of time, I lived in a rise of daydream about how proficient I was in taking care of my PC, its product, and tips and traps to improve things work.

At that point, I met somebody who took PC instructional class. Furthermore, I watched this individual fly through each possible program and application with easy forsake, understanding these things are able to do a lot more.

This story was far of saying that preparation all eatery staff – from the front-of-house to proprietors and executives on another POS framework is essential for guaranteeing it conveys the ROI you require. On the off chance that your supplier offers free preparing, ensure your staff is there to learn, so you don’t sit around idly backtracking later, losing both effectiveness and potential deals.

#3 Utilizing it exclusively as a money enlist:

For every one of the advantages and highlights accessible in current eatery POS frameworks, it’s out and out stunning what number of eateries utilize them as truly costly money drawers. Without a doubt, they may make that procedure simpler, however utilizing a full-highlighted POS only for installments is likened to purchasing a Big Mac for the same seed but – there is a lot more to appreciate, from ordered deals aggregates to eatery stock, that offers proprietors information to improve operations from going to toe.

In spite of the fact that your iPhone is a characteristic augmentation of our psyches and fingers now, it wasn’t that long prior that the vast majority of us bobbled around attempting to make calls and send humiliating writings. Similarly, it’s normal to commit errors when utilizing your new eatery POS.

iPad Restaurant POS System – Top #3 Mistakes to Avoid